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La Perla Chest Gold Edition

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A new definition of luxury chest for babies

Suommo sets a new standard in the field of luxury baby chest of drawers, achieving revolutionary advances on the subject of comfort, reliability, resistance and safety, distinguished by a high degree of artistic design. The golden glow provided by the most magnificent 18k yellow gold plated shines from every single angle. It is impossible to hide such beauty, for this jewel is made of the very material dreams are made of.

Beyond its splendid exterior, provides a considerable amount of engineering innovations. The volumes in their absolutely new shapes or the exquisite handmade, providing a perfect complement to the la Perla baby crib.

Our long crafting experience and knowledge of the fine gold, allows us to emphasize the character of the materials we use. Perhaps that is the reason why every aspect of the manufacture process of la Perla chest is designed to achieve an amazingly elegant and sophisticated.




Length: 140 cm

Height: 100 cm

Width: 95 cm

Weight: 142 kg

Delivery completely assembled.

International shipping insurance and delivery worldwide included.

100% designed and manufactured in Spain.

Changing Mat

Changing Mat

Premium care, “made in Suommo".

Tenderness in your hands, delicately spreading that heady body lotion that your baby loves so much. The smile in her face when you sweetly caress her soft, little feet. Far from being everyday actions, these are truly nurture, loving acts, which make those special moments you share so warm and special.

Observing the magical kind of care that only a mother can provide led us to define a new concept in cleanliness. Our diaper changing tables swaddle this incredible sensory experience in comfort and calm.

Their cosy, soft premium filling will make your baby feel at home. The cover is available in three different finishes: fine, light Pima cotton, exquisite vicuña wool and Pima cotton with soft gold yarn. Any of them will make your baby feel wrapped up in cotton wool. The delicate contours of this cushioning are wrapped in natural silk, greatly appreciated in haute couture for its extraordinary properties.

Only refined raw materials. Cleanliness that totally delights the senses.


Length: 138 cm

Height: 8 cm

Width: 80 cm

Weight: 3 kg

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