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La Perla Crib White Edition

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A priceless treasure.

La Perla Crib White Edition is a luxury crib that transcends the definition of luxury, as magnificence rises from radiant beauty and extraordinary shapes ennoble this luxurious and handcrafted piece. This is a fine treasure that embodies timeless fantasy and elegance, through iconic and innocent shapes. La Perla is the legacy of perfect beauty.

La Perla is a luxury baby cot with an astonishing external beauty that keeps safe your priceless treasure within. La Perla inspires comfort, safety and endurance, through innocent shapes, manifesting from countless innovations in our original design. Our craftspeople are artisans, who have designed the especially smooth, warm, cosy and nurturing cushioning, which accentuates this piece, creating timeless tradition for a timeless crib, cocooning a timeless love.




Length: 150 cm

Height: 100 cm

Width: 95 cm

Weight: 98 kg

Delivery fully assembled.

International shipping insurance and worldwide delivery included.

100% designed and manufactured in Spain.



A glamorous gift for your little dreamer.

Her precious face lays upon your chest; as you whisper a sweet melody and softly kiss her delicate cheek, her little eyes begin to close, slowly. With the greatest care, you place her into the crib of her dreams and see how placidly she sleeps. Champagne Silk bedding is, without doubt, the most beautiful dream you can imagine.

Pima cotton and natural wild silk will surround her, in this magnificent baby crib. This special cotton, carefully grown and collected, is bright and smooth, as only silk, the finest fabric in existence, can be. This luxurious embrace will watch over her, as she slumbers in golden nuances, crafted by the most expert hands.

The Collection is composed of the eco-breath mattress, featuring a micro-ventilated membrane, two hand-made natural silk sheets, a Pima cotton non-feather duvet, a padded perimeter bumper guard and a pillow. All the components of this delicate set are water-resistant, dermatologically friendly and antibacterial.

Our premium quality offers astonishing comfort, safety and elegance, with a silky touch, her delicate skin will surely appreciate.

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